God my summer was busy. Ugh, I'll be posting a hell of a lot more when I get my new phone. I'm starting track this upcoming year, after band season of course. And my friends and I have decided to start running every morning so yay for us!

I'm joining a lot of fitness networks & clubs and I even started my own so yay. Join that here


My BTOM winner for May is strongerjen! Check out her winner's spot here. And check out the runners-up here

My BOTM is making a comeback for August. (Eww back to school) so watch out for that post :)



That girl Chas

Hey hey hey!! Welcome to my get fit blog (aka my fitblr)! You're so amazeballs for being here AHH
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I'm Chastian, I'm 16 yrs old and I just don't really like my body. Teenage stress, ya know? So I made a workout plan and I'm sticking to it until I get my dream body!! My askbox is always open so feel free to ask whatever.

Because I don't like my body, and also because I promised myself one day I would like my body, this is my body blog. I anticipated this being mostly's not haha. It's mostly inspiration and food. So yeah.

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Skinny Apple Spice Mug Cake
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It’s like pandora decides to play all the shitty music at once

Then start ads right before your set

I’m subscribed bro 😂

Til: I live in the stone age

I was about to say, ads? Who has ads on Pandora? Haha.

Y’all need to get Songza. It’s free, there are no ads, and you have more control over the playlists

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; Join the motivational whatsapp groups: +31617333627
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Train together, stay together.Http://
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"Be somebody nobody thought you could be." - William Chapman (via illumiaow)

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I don’t have a least favorite part of myself… Honestly I don’t like me I’m general. I don’t know why. You know how sometimes you don’t like someone for no reason at all, and it’s so stupid. Like, you want to like them and you try to like them because there’s nothing to dislike, you just don’t like them. That’s how i feel about me…

Yesss! I totally did!! (This is late because I fell sleep)

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